The 12 Most Common Auto Maintenance and Repair Items

Keeping up with your vehicle’s regularly scheduled maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely.  In addition to getting your Hyundai scheduled maintenance done, mechanics will also give your vehicle an inspection at the same time.  They’re more likely to catch small problems before they become big problems

The 12 Most Common Auto Maintenance And Repair Items

  1. Engine oil change
  2. Oil filter change
  3. Replacement of windshield wipers
  4. Air filter changed
  5. Manufacturer recommended scheduled maintenance
  6. Tire replacement
  7. Replacement of batteries
  8. Fixing brake problems
  9. Adding antifreeze
  10. Other fluid replacement
  11. Rough running engine
  12. Wheel alignment and balance

You’ll notice in the list above that these 12 items are basic maintenance items.  They are fairly inexpensive.  If you had to take care of every one of the above items out of pocket, you might be looking at $1,000 total.  In some cases, your Hyundai scheduled maintenance may be complimentary, or you may have the option to pre-pay for maintenance.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that failing to do them can lead to major repair bills and possibly void your warranty.

Neglecting Maintenance Can Lead To Expensive Repairs

Just look at the amount of damage you can do to your vehicle if you fail to get your oil changed regularly and check for leaks.  The oil change itself might cost you $50, but the damage from neglecting this important item can be massive.  In some cases, it can be irreparable.  A leak might cause your engine to dry out and raise the internal temperature.  When that happens, the entire car can overheat.  A remanufactured engine might cost you $4,000.  You might blow a head gasket.  That can cost you 2 grand.  A camshaft replacement might top $1,500.  All of these repairs might have prevented with regular oil changes and inspections. None of these repairs will be covered by your warranty due to your neglect.

Many Put Off Service

AAA reports that 35% of Americans skip or put off service and recommended repairs.  They should know.  They’re the folks that have to go out and rescue many of the vehicles that have broken down.  They dispatch assistance more than 32 million times a year across the country.

The True Cost of Neglect

When money is tight, it is easy to put off maintenance.  In fact, 64 million people in the U.S. say they wouldn’t have the money to pay for unexpected repairs without taking on debt, according to AAA. Still, delaying those costs will end up costing you more.

Put aside safety issues, the loss of use, and the hassle of taking your car in for repairs, estimates that the cost of skipping maintenance costs auto owners an average of $8,000.  Compared to the $1,000 estimated cost of doing the maintenance, that is a hefty bill!









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