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6 Things You Must Know When Searching For Teeth Whitening Near Me

Do you want a dazzling white smile? Teeth whitening is one of the most sought-after dental procedures in the United States, accounting for approximately $1.5 billion dollars spent annually based on a study conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. If you are typing “teeth whitening near me”, here are a few things you need to know: 

Teeth Stains Vary 
Most people believe that teeth stains are the same. The reality is that they vary significantly. However, they are classified as either external or internal. 
External stains result from the food we consume, coffee and tea included. In most cases, the coloration can be removed by thorough cleaning and polishing of the teeth surfaces. 

On the other hand, internal stains need more attention. They cannot be removed by polishing and cleaning. Regardless of what stain you have, it is prudent to seek the services of a dental specialist for discoloration. 

Teeth Suitability for Whitening 
It is worth mentioning that not all teeth are suitable for whitening. Before the process starts, the dentist examines the health status of your teeth. Whitening teeth with unhealthy gums can result in problems. Some of the factors that your doctor checks first include: 

  • Thickness of your enamel 
  • Tooth decay 
  • Oral diseases 
  • Receding Gums 

Toothpaste Whitening versus Dental Whitening 
Toothpaste and dental whitening have the same mission, making your teeth brighter. However, toothpaste whitening only removed stains found on the surface of the teeth. It also takes a long period for tangible results to be noticed, usually several months. Dental whitening effects whiten the entire teeth providing fast long lasting results. 

Teeth Whitening Safety 
Current tooth whitening procedures are safe provided it is carried out by an experienced qualified practitioner in a modern facility.  This is the case because certified personnel understands the process and the reagents used better than quacks. 

Whitening Feeling 
You should know that the procedure can be a little bit irritating especially with sensitive teeth. Another benefit of relying on experienced practitioners is that they know the safest products to use on your teeth and their concentrations. Don’t worry because the discomfort is short lived and can be minimized with certain kinds of toothpaste. 

Risks of Wrong Whitening Procedures 
Choosing a wrong procedure or a quack to whiten your teeth puts you in danger of so many things. Wrong treatment results in the following: 

  • Burning of sensitive teeth 
  • Gum ulceration 
  • Unintended teeth coloration 

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