If You Have a Criminal Charge against You – First Contact the Spodek Law Group

Todd Spodek is the founding partner, and award-winning lawyer in the Spodek Law Group. He is also a second-generation attorney. At the Spodek Law Group, Todd is the managing partner, and is dedicated to make improvements in the life of every person he can. He uses the law:

  • To help individuals
  • Improve their lives
  • Avoid unfortunate problems that could harm their future
  • Avoid problems for a client’s family

If a person is facing a criminal problem – and need the best criminal attorney to help with defense, you need to talk to Todd.

50 years of combined experience

In the Spodek Law Group of Long Island criminal lawyer, there is over 50 years of combined knowledgeused to help clients all over the New York area to get the justice and the legal help they need. This group has locations throughout the NYC and Long Island, including Suffolk and Nassau County. Likewise, they also have partner attorneys all around the country – who help Spodek Group to treat their clients as family.

No cookie cutter method

This firm does not believe in a cookie cutter method – where all clients are the same. No, they work with every single client to give them the results, service and legal help, they deserve. Their only objective is to make sure their clients avoid all, criminal prosecution. They consistently help get charges either reduced or dismissed so the clients are not impacted to incorrect accusation.

Free consultation

This group of attorneys offers a risk-free consultation over the phone or in person, at one of their many locations. It doesn’t matter how complex your case might be, this firm will help you.

Criminal record

If you have a criminal problem you owe it to yourself to talk to one of the attorneys in this law group. They are the attorneys that will do the most for you and your case. Their only goal first is to help insure the clients get the charges against them either reduced or dismissed. This group will also help you avoid a criminal record that follows you around for the rest of your life. Instead they will do what they can to avoid charges and the problems they can cause your future.

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