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Over your life you have given many things to charity. It is an act that gives you a great sense of joy and satisfaction. You give old clothes and books, occasionally you even give canned foods and other things that people may need. It may never have occurred to you that the vehicle you intend to get rid of can also be donated to charity.

Giving a car to charity will do much more for the poor—especially the working poor—than you may realize. Instead of sending your old car to the scrap yard you should donate it to an organization that will ensure that it is put to good use. 

Where can vehicle donations be made? It is a good question. Not all charities are equipped to accept vehicle donations. But many are, and chances are you will be able to find one near you. 

Vehicle donations can be written off as tax deductions. You will also be doing a lot of good in the community. Most charities receive and give away or sell, at a considerably reduced price, goods in the city they operate. There may be people in the community who are struggling to get by. One of the many difficulties holding them back is a lack of wheels. Indeed, this is a feature of the lives of the working poor that is not discussed as often as it should be. 

The public does not have an accurate understanding of what poverty looks like. It does not consist in the main of starving, indigent people. Those are extreme cases and they are plentiful enough to be of concern, but they do not representative of the lives of those struggling to get by. 

Many people have steady employment, but the jobs they work do not allow them to work enough hours to keep ahead of their bills. People in these cases may also need to commute to places that are very far from their homes—to places where public transport does not go. In any case, public transportation is not reliable as it should be in many cities. 

Having a car is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity, even for those who barely scraping by. To do so requires them to be flexible in how, when, and where they work. And to meet that aim they need their own means of transportation. Someone who can barely pay the rent and put food in the bellies of their children is unlikely to get financing for either a new or a used car. That puts them at the mercy of charity. 

Your first move in searching for a charity that accepts vehicle donations should be online. Going to the virtual sphere will put you in touch with a range of organizations that either specialize in vehicle donations or have the capacity to accept them. Before doing so, however, you should find out all you can about the tax breaks and financial benefit that comes with donating a car. You can learn more about these matters here:

Did you know it is possible to donate your worn out and outdated vehicle. Instead of sending it to the junkyard you should donate it. Learn Where can vehicle donations be made .

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