Population Most at Risk for DUIs

Drink and drive

According to government statistics over 10,000 individual lives were lost as a result of drunken driving accidents in the United States in 2015. If you didn’t know, this shows that after every forty-eight minutes, a life is lost, while it costs the government close to fifty billion dollars annually. In 2015, close to one-third of the accident deaths were because of an alcohol-impaired driver. Additionally, among the children aged between zero to fourteen years who succumbed to these accidents, fifteen percent of the fatalities were caused by an intoxicated driver.

It is critical to note that cocaine and marijuana account for twenty percent of road accidents, mainly because they are often used together with alcohol. (BAC), or blood alcohol content affects individuals at different rates. This is perhaps because the ideal time it takes for it to be absorbed into the blood stream and the time it takes to leave the body differs. Did you know that the risk of an accident related to alcohol often doubles when the BAC reaches 0.05? Also, the risk increases tenfold at 0.08, and by many hundred folds at the level of 0.20.Image result for Population Most at Risk for DUIs
So who is at a greater risk?

Before we can get an answer to this question, let us briefly examine some reliable statistics. In the 1990s, about ten percent of arrests related to drunk driving were women. However, by 2012, this number had increased to nearly twenty-five percent. When a woman drives when drunk, she is at a greater risk compared to a man who is having the same blood alcohol content. Even though the male who spend most of their time driving on the road are still likely to be involved in an automobile crash statistically, the difference between women and men fatalities has significantly narrowed over the last few years.

Approximately, there are close to four million adults who drive under the influence annually. These individuals put the lives of everyone on the roads at risk.

Teens and drunk driving.

In the last few years, it is true that there have been many serious campaigns intended to reduce the incidences of drunk driving among the teenagers. We can agree that most of these campaigns have been successful. Since 1990, the number of teens who drive while under the alcohol influence has tremendously reduced by fifty-four percent. However, teenage drivers who are drunk are not often divided by gender as their adult counterparts. The males in this category are more likely to drive while drunk, while the female is closely following behind.

According to statistics, teens aged between sixteen and eighteen are four times more likely to die in an automobile accident, even without any alcohol involved, than anyone else. If you incorporate alcohol, then you can bear with me that it even becomes riskier.

Young Adults.

The largest group of drivers with a BAC of 0.10 or above who was involved in a fatal car crash, over one out of four, were aged between twenty-one and twenty-four years.

Drivers with a previous DUI conviction.

It is important to note that more than fifty percent of those who are charged with DUI have been accused of the same offense before. Also, drivers who are victims of fatal car accidents and have a BAC of more than 0.08 are eight times more likely to have undergone a previous DUI conviction than the drivers without alcohol content in their blood. Sadly,a third of those who are charged are more likely to be indicted in the future.


Owning a vehicle is key to drunk driving. Driving under the influence of alcohol is apparently practiced by a wider spectrum of people. Again, many of these individuals are respectful citizens and law-abiding ones. The highest rate of DUI cases comes from the males who are between twenty-five to forty-four of age, and who are unemployed, working class and unmarried.

The effects of drunk driving.

The consequences of drunk driving are numerous. In most occasions, car crash victims experience life-threatening injuries, lose their jobs since they can no longer work and their entire life is usually affected negatively. However, if either you or your family member has suffered severe injuries because of a car crash, you always have an opportunity to seek legal compensation through a lawsuit. On the other hand, these vehicle accidents are not always easy to handle. They take very extended periods to go through and are very complex. This implies that you should seek the help of a qualified car crash attorney, who may sail through the journey successfully. At Khonsari Law Group, you can access highly experienced personal injury attorneys who can guide you effectively. You might have developed a far-reaching injury that might include a regular and consistent medication throughout your entire remaining life, and therefore, you must seek for adequate compensation.

The Bottom Line.

For many years, men evidently dominate in the world of drunk driving accidents. However, recently, lots of statistics suggest that even though the overall number of drunk drivers are significantly declining, females currently account for a greater number of the drunk driving population. To be more precise, the population who is at risk for alcohol-impaired driving crashes are motorcyclists, young people and the drivers who already have been convicted of driving while under the influence of alcohol.

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