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Prevent a Bite: Tips for Avoiding Mosquito Bites This Season

Mosquitoes are perhaps one of the most hated insects in the country; in fact, a survey shows that most people dislike mosquitoes. No one can blame them, especially because all these insects want to do is suck the living blood out of you. The following are just a few natural ways to deal with mosquitoes that may help.

Alternative and Natural Mosquito Treatments

There is no shortage of treatments available in stores, but some of these contain questionable ingredients. This is why you should consider some of the following natural alternatives:

Garlic Breath

Surely, you can see some similarities between mosquitoes and the vampire myth. Well, there are a few more similarities because it seems that consuming a lot of garlic can help repel mosquitoes. Most think the allicin content in garlic is strong enough to effectively hide you from these insects, making this a pretty good mosquito treatment as long as you are okay with smelling like garlic.

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Essential Oils

You can add a few drops of natural oils to half a quart of water. This should keep mosquitoes away. Just pour this water in a spray bottle, and spray yourself before going out. The scents that you want to consider are the following:







-Avoid Feeding Times

One simple way to minimize the amount of times that mosquitoes take a bite out of you is to avoid going out when they are feeding. Most of these species feed at dawn and dust. Keep in mind that some mosquitoes may still feed, even if you avoid these times if they are desperate, but it should decrease your chances.

Abstain From Alcohol While out

No one wants to be told not to drink, but it is one simple natural option to avoid these blood-sucking insects. Those who like to have a little drink or two while out in the elements should not do so. Apparently, the digestion of alcohol helps attract mosquitoes to you. It is okay to drink after you get home or before going out.

Natural Predators

The chances are that most of the bites you receive are the ones you get in your backyard, but you can do something about decreasing the mosquito population naturally by releasing mosquito predators at home.

The following are just a few options:







Hopefully, these mosquito treatment suggestions will help reduce the amount of mosquito bites that you or your family have to deal with.

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