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Simple Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away

When you have a special event that involves family and friends as well as decorations, food and other items that you want to keep clean, you don’t want mosquitoes to invade your surroundings. There are a few natural solutions that you can use, or you can hire a professional company to come to the location to spray for the insects. A combination of sources might be needed to provide the best results.

Keep The Yard Maintained

Mosquitoes tend to like tall grass, standing water, and weeds where they can hide. Mow the lawn on a regular basis so that dew and rain don’t have space to settle, which will cause mosquitoes to want to stay in your yard. You’ll want to mow a few days before the event so that there isn’t grass all over everything and so that the lawn has time to settle, decreasing the amount of grass that is tracked inside buildings or the home. Remove any containers that have standing water in them or that could hold standing water as these are the perfect locations for mosquitoes to create a home and lay eggs.

Blowing Away

Place a few fans around the exterior of the event site. Don’t point them in the direction of the tables and where your guests will sit. Instead, point the fans away from this area so that they will create a barrier that mosquitoes will find it difficult to get through.


There are a few spices that you can put in a bowl that will help to keep mosquitoes away. Garlic powder works well along with chili flakes. Paprika also works well in keeping mosquitoes and other insects at bay. Place the containers with the spices on the tables where guests will be eating and on tables positioned along the edge of the event area.

Professional Assistance

Sometimes, no matter what you do, the mosquitoes simply won’t stay away. A professional company like Mosquito Squad offers special event mosquito treatment. The company can come a day or two before the event to treat the area. Not only will the products used keep mosquitoes away, but they can also keep flies, ticks, and other insects away from the event.

Dryer Sheets

If you don’t want to use spices or chemicals to keep mosquitoes away, then use a few dryer sheets. You can strategically position a few dryer sheets under tables and chairs or under large containers of food. The scent from the dryer sheets will keep mosquitoes away, similar to the effect that citronella has on the insects.

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