The Deadliest Habit That Every Driver Needs To Stop

As early as 2006, the state of Georgia works rigorously on implementing traffic laws and road safety measures that ban texting while driving. Yes, texting while driving is the deadliest habit that every driver needs to stop doing.

The policies are crafted intentionally to target the long-time culprit of many auto accidents for the past ten years, starting when mobile phones became available to the public use.

In accordance to the annual report published Georgia’s Department of Transportation (DOT),  the state is sailing on dangerous waters since 2015 due to the sudden increase of auto accident fatalities which amounts to 14 percent within ten years.

The big question is, why the sudden increase?

The Stigma

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The alarming increase of car accidents throughout the country in the last decade stems from driver distraction and the reckless act of using smartphones. Although it is not new in many states to ban the use of phones while driving, it will be hard to monitor, and unfortunate drivers carry the burden and full brunt of the influx of distracted driving.

Unfortunately, there’s so much evidence that supports distracted drivers are dangerous. Statistics shows that 9 Americans die every day due to a distracted driver. These distractions include eating, texting, other cell phone use.

Huffington Post releases an article with statistics from various studies on driving and texting. The results showed that there are more than 340,000 auto accidents due to texting. The data concludes that usually, drivers will give attention to their mobile phones for about five seconds to send a text message, which is way past beyond two seconds, the time limit is the considered safe moment to glance away from the road.

Even though there is one efficient way to steer clear from texting and driving, many people are irresponsible and still take risks.

Reducing the probability personal distractions which include the usage of hands-free mobile phones, and shunning away from driving while tired are effective ways to keep alert.

Still, with millions of other people on the road, it’s just inevitable sometimes that crash just hits you.

To guard yourself against the pitiful outcomes of these dangers, auto accident lawyers suggest that you get yourself insured no matter what. A single car accident will not only destroy your physical capabilities, but it can also create havoc to your livelihood.


The effects of a car accident can be physically painful and emotionally traumatic. The disheartening scenarios of many auto accidents are unfortunately daily backdrops of life in Alpharetta, Georgia, and other states. These car accidents could be prevented if only drivers will be more responsible and focused on the road.


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