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Three Excuses to Shop from

Shout out to all those Fashionistas out there how hard is it to stay in trend ? Well as I hear from many of my fashion freak friends it certainly is pretty hard, isn’t it ? They tell me those stories of wasted yet fruitful weekend nights searching for all those goodie stuff which make you stand out from other in every meet be it official or unofficial. Those nights they lack sleep surfing the internet for latest fashion trends all around the world popping questions like is it crop top Friday this week or is it ethnic Saturday ? Loads of questions but not many to answer.

Then again not every site is trustworthy all have their predicted fails which would not do much harm to them but to you it’s the question of your Status Quo. Those fruitful nights are followed by a tiring day of shopping every stuff you did screenshot on that smartphone of yours or did you make a list with some more efforts ? You enter that ‘every weekend’ mall of yours and those shops you measure with your footsteps searching for that trend which entered your heart. Then comes the embarrassment of asking those shoes which you wanna buy but you can’t even pronounce those some French some Italian some English words of that product but still you do it just because you can’t lose to that very stylish girl you envy who makes people their heads rotate whenever she walks wearing those ‘pumps’ you think are out of fashion.

Well of course you look unique the whole week thanks to those screenshots and those sites you surfed. But what if I asked you to say ‘No more !’ you can’t right but you will because I bring you a blessing from heavens of ‘Fashion Havens’ its a blog cum online portal of sale of all that’s in fashion.

What is WomenFashionNow ?

It’s a blog but it also is a online fashion portal to shop new trends across the globe. It’s a WordPress Blog run by a person who is just a fashion freak like you and wants to help other fashion freaks like her to have a one stop shop for what’s trending !

Why WomenFashionNow ?

You sure won’t ask but getting yourself informed is no harm. Lets see those excuses you need to have to buy at

  • Excuse#1 – It’s a blog cum online shop which would keep you well informed about what’s trending ?
  • Excuse#2 – It’s affiliated to Amazon Shopping so whatever you see on the website can directly enter your cart and will be delivered to your door step if you wish too.
  • Excuse#3 – Aren’t those two enough, c’mon I already know another chrome tab has already being loaded right ?

So make it quick and visit  well allow me a honor of spoiler, its sandals this may from those pumps to zips to glove sandals they are all trending. Hurry Up!

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