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Tips for men to use the drug under proper recommendation

The medicament of the drug has to be taken under precautionary conditions. This is supposed to be taken 30 minutes before the intimacy that is planned. The usual dosage for the drug is usually 10 mg but it can vary like increase or decrease as per the capacity of the person. This is because the body of every person is different for each person. The user can perform the sexual act without nay restriction in meals.

What are the recommendations?

It is usually recommended to take Cialis drug every 24 hours. This depends upon your health and one should not take more than 20mg. The reason is that it may lead to overdose and unpleasant consequences. The use of the medicine has to be as follows:

  • The user must not use the medicine along with any other medicines that contains nitrates.The men who are suffering from severe cardiovascular disease should also refrain from this drug.
  • Those men who have congenial and penile deformity also need to be very careful while using the drug. You can easily purchase the Cialis Coupons online but you need to have the prescription with the recommendations.
  • This drug should not be used by men below 18 years of age and also women of any age.

The user can also get the drug at an affordable rate with the help of Viagra Coupon from any good retailer pharmacy store. The user should be aware of the side effects of the drug before its consumption. The user may have indigestion or muscle pain. Headache is a common symptom with nasal congestion. The best thing about this drug is that men with diabetes can have this drug. It has been noted that diabetic patients have experienced a significant improvement of erectile function.


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