Tips on designing a perfect building digital directory

  A digital directory can be made to fit the brand and its message without much ado. Moreover, you can change it as many times as you wish without having to pay a lot for the change. However, when designing digital directories for office buildings, a few principles have to be put in mind to enable visitors and customers locate the office they need without much of a hustle.

 Make it easy to read

The readability of the directory is the most important design aspect. Visitors should recognize and read the directory from a distance. At the top of the display, you need to have a large font showing people that it is the directory.

 Remember contrast and white space

 The principles of display play out here too. You need to balance the font with the white space so that the directory does not look cluttered or too spread out that words are hard to understand. As for the contrast, ensure that the background brings out the words clearly for them to be read from a distance.

Images should be of high-quality 

If you would like to add images to your directory, ensure that they are of high resolution, brings out the message you intend to send and are catchy. People remember catch images more than slogans and marketing phrases. Besides, have some space around the image such that the text does not seem as if it is bumping onto the image.

 Bring out the brand

 The digital directories for office buildings can be part of your outdoor marketing efforts.Ensure that the choice of colors and fonts match what you use in your corporate identity. If the digital directory is for one office, you can add other elements such as the logo and the slogan to the directory so that it also serves as a marketing tool.

 Ensure that the directory is organized

 Enable visitors to locate office and outlets with ease by categorizing them in a given older. You may have food stores in one category, spas on the other and other services on another category. Within the categories, consider arranging them with door numbers or alphabetic order.

 Use the digital directories for office buildings as both directions and marketing tools. Organize it in a way that visitors do not strain locating offices. This way it serves its purpose effectively.


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